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7 Best Snoring Mouthpiece: Reviews and expert recommendations in 2019

​A snoring mouthpiece helps chronic and loud snorers by lessening the snoring when its worn while sleeping. These devices are designed by dentists to control the tongue, jaw and breathing air passage so that the snoring sound is significantly lowered or eliminated. The mouthpiece is also called a Mandibular Advancement Device, or MAD.
  The loud snoring occurs when the tongue slips back in the mouth, blocks the breathing air and create a series of flutter to create the snoring sound. A snoring mouthpiece is designed to reduce this effect and provide you good sleep without any interruptions. In the sections below, you can find a detailed review of the 7 best snoring mouthpieces, its features, and benefits to help you choose the best snoring mouthpiece.

​ Best Snoring Mouthpieces


​ Zquiet is a soft, flexible snoring mouthpiece which allows your mouth to move naturally and breathe through your mouth with ease. It uses the boil-and-bite molding method to heat and mold the mouthpiece as per mouth so that it correctly fits the mouth.
  ZQuiet mouthpiece is cleared by FDA and featured as a safe mouthpiece in medical reviews as Morley Safer's American Review. ZQuiet is clinically proved to reduce or almost eliminate snoring. It has passed rigorous consumer safety tests and is safe to be used in your mouth. It consists of a set of two pieces of the same size. You can trim and file the edges in case your mouth is small. They are made of a medical-grade thermoplastic polymer which is latex and BPA free and considered safe to use in your mouth.
  ZQuiet is found to prove effective in reducing snoring in almost 90% of them who have used it.  It has helped many who have suffered from obstructive sleep, daytime sleepiness. You can use this mouthpiece not more than 12 months before you change it. You might experience excessive saliva, jaw soreness, drooling on using ZQuiet mouthpiece.

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​Airsnore Mouthpiece And Drops

​ Airsnore mouthpiece and drops are FDA approved snoring mouthpiece made from Food Grade thermoplastic material. It is also made through boil and bite method to customize the product to fit in your mouth.
  AirSnore needs initial customization to make it set to your mouth size and you can use it after the customization. You need to put the mouthpiece initially in a hot water for fifteen minutes, place it in your mouth using a red handle. Press it under your teeth and bite down to create a good mold of your mouth.
  Airsnore has proven effective in snoring, obstructive sleep apnea. This is not large enough and may not be suitable if you have a large-sized mouth. Hence they are more suitable for female snorers who have a smaller mouth than males. This is also suitable for those who breathe by mouth while sleeping. Airsnore has a hole at its front part helping those who breathe through the mouth.
  You can use the drops that come along with mouthpiece to control cold, cough, sinus and chest infections.

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​VitalSleep Stop Snoring.

​ Vitalsleep is another FDA approved snoring mouthpiece to help to reduce snoring. It helps to improve your breathing and get a restful sleep at night. Vitalsleep too can be customized using bite and mold method.
  It comes in two sizes, small, suitable for women and large, suitable for men. Like other mouthpieces, you need to customize using hot water and bite it under your teeth to mold it to fit in your mouth.
  One of the distinct features of Vitalsleep is you can adjust the lower part of the mouthpiece by a screw to move forward and backward to adjust your mouth. You can also increase the ramp angle up to 25 degrees to make a wider opening and it has a hole in the front part to allow mouth breathing. It is also patented under Accu-Adjust system.
  Vitalsleep recommends using the product without forwarding the lower part for the initial few days till you get used to it. If your snoring continues, adjust the lower part of the mouthpiece by adjusting its screw so that it moves forward in small increments till its effective to stop your snoring.

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​Good Morning Snore Solutions

​Goodmorning Snore solutions are flexible, easy to use snoring mouthpiece which comfortable to use. Unlike other mouthpieces, it does not require any customization and it is designed to fit all easily. You can easily fix it in your mouth between your lips, suck the air out to create a suction on your tongue. This suction on the tongue holds the tongue in place while sleeping with the mouthpiece.
  Goodmorning snore solutions are approved by Health Canada, FDA EEA, and Australian Registrar of Therapeutic products. You can use this mouthpiece even if you have dentures. You can eliminate teeth grinding and jaw soreness when you use Goodmorning snore solutions. You cannot use this mouthpiece if you breathe through the mouth as it does have any hole when placed and tucked in your mouth.

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​Snoremeds is a budget snoring mouthpiece approved by FDA approved. It too is made from the material which is free from BPA and latex. Like other snoring mouthpieces, SnoreMeds also need customization using bite and mold method. It typically suits well for the female who has a small mouth. For men and those who have a large mouth, this mouthpiece keeps slipping out. It is effective in reducing the snoring noise as long its remains inside the mouth.
  Snoremeds is not recommended for starters, or if you have dentures or unhealthy gums. It is not suitable if you have obstructive sleep apnea. Its is budget-friendly and helps those who have a small mouth and breath through mouth.

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​SnoreRx is another snoring mouthpiece which helps to reduce snoring and breathe comfortably. Its unique Posi-lock feature allows you to fix your adjusted setting so that it does not keep changing and helps to be consistent. It is micro fit allows you to adjust the bottom to move forward and backward by the precision of one-millimeter. It has teeth cushions to add comfort to your teeth while sleeping. It is also suitable if you are mouth breather while sleeping and have obstructive sleep apnea.
  SnoreRx is good for starters who need to adjust the mouthpiece with precision to fit their mouth and it can last for 12 to 24 months before you go for changing a new mouthpiece.

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​PureSleep Anti-Snoring

​PureSleep is FDA approved snoring mouthpiece. PureSleep too is made from materials which are free from BPA and latex and bio-compatible as well. You can customize the upper and lower mouthpieces on three types of bite pre adjustments like as standard, underbite, and overbite. You can further customize with boil and bite method to fit your mouth perfectly. Once molded, you cannot re-adjust the mouthpiece as it gets locked.
  PureSleep has helped to reduce snoring, breath easily by holding the lower jaw slightly forward while sleeping. If there is excessive salivation, you need to trim off excess soft plastic to fit without gaps.  It has an air hole to allow you to breathe through the mouth but not wide enough for comfortable breathing.

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​ With a list of the various top snoring mouthpiece, you have a variety to choose. Based on your conditions and methods of sleep, this review brings you different features, its pros, and cons. You can choose the best snoring mouthpiece that best suits your style of sleep.

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