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FAQs about VigFX

In Today’s post we are going to address some of the most frequently asked questions about VigFX, if you do have other questions not answered here, do feel free to contact the manufacturers of VigFX directly via their official website

What is VigFX?

VigFX is an all-natural men’s virility supplement for increased libido and bedroom performance. VigFX is the gel version of the powerful VigRX Plus formula in an enteric-coated capsule with an extended release, This means the contents of VigFX are released slowly and therefore put to more effective use.

What’s the difference between VigRX Plus and VigFX?

VigFX is largely based on the VigRX formula, but with two important differences, firstly VigFX has been intensified to maximize it’s absorption in the body, this greatly enhances the sexual benefits derived from the product. Secondly VigFX capsules are enterically coded, this protects the capsule and prevents stomach acids from dissolving the it allowing the formula to be delivered in the small intestine for maximum impact.

When will I get results?

Most people who have taken VigFX often report an increase in Libido within the first month, and increased stamina and control in about 90 days. You have to remember that with this product the effects are cumulative, this entails that the longer it is used, the better the results you get.

Is there scientific proof that it works?

Yes there is. Among other statistics, the VigFX formula has been clinically proven to:

Increase intercourse satisfaction by 71.43%
Increase sex drive by up to 47%
Increase ability to sustain an erection during intercourse by 62.82%

How is VigFX different from Viagra?

Viagra is a pharmaceutical ED pill typically suited for men with more advanced erection difficulties. You typically need a doctor’s prescription to buy it and it only works for one ‘session’ with no inherent long-term benefit to your sexual health and functionality.

The VigFX capsules are based on VigRX Plus – the number-one-selling natural libido pill for males who need the desire and ability to have rewarding sex on demand. And with it’s additional its extended release system, VigFX does provide an even more appreciable result from VigRX Plus’s already very powerful formula.

Do I need a prescription to buy VigFX?

Nope. The capsules are a dietary supplement, so you can afford to skip that somewhat embarrassing trip to your doctor and buy VigFX without having a prescription.

VigFx Free Trial

To experience the awesome wonders VigFx can do for your sexual health, take advantage of their free trial offer by clicking here.

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