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How to Increase Ejaculate Volume With Semenax

Sex is an important aspect of every man’s life. To some extent, society uses issues surrounding a man’s sexual performance and his fertility to define his masculinity. At times, even the size of the penis has been used to define someone’s manhood. It being such a sensitive issue, no man wants to be left behind when it comes to enhancing their performance in the bedroom. Being a good lover adds to his confidence and self-esteem.

Among the areas that men seek improvement is the amount of ejaculate. Nearly every man wishes to know how to produce more sperm than he does today. As such, men are constantly wondering how to ejaculate more. We will take a look at Semenax on of the prominent increase sperm load supplements

We let you know how to increase ejaculate volume with the help of Semenax. However, before we get there, let us evaluate some of the benefits associated with increased semen volume.

I. By increasing your semen volume, you will boost your fertility, due to the resulting increase in sperm count. Couples who have been struggling to conceive should consider adopting this strategy.

II. By raising the amount of semen you release, you reap intensified orgasms. Imagine experiencing long and earth-shattering orgasms with your partner.

III. When you are sure that your semen volume is higher than before, you will become even more confident in bed, and in turn, a better lover than you are now. A man who is good in bed become can overcome all the obstacles that life throws at him.

If you desperately desire to experience the above benefits, your search should end at If you are into all-natural products, the better! Semenax is an all-natural formula, made from herbs and amino acids, inclusive of L-Arginine.

Clinically proven, Semenax is not only safe but also a highly effective male enhancement supplement. Its proven efficacy puts it in the list of the most popular and trusted sperm boosting supplements.

The ejaculation process is pretty much straightforward. However, a few things, such as the amount of the ejaculate usually determine the duration of the process. Some people enjoy long and intensified orgasms, while for others, it takes just a few seconds. The difference between the two cases is the semen quantity. For as long as a man has something coming out of his penis, his orgasms will be lengthened compared to that of a guy with a minimal amount of semen. Upon the completion of semen release, an orgasm ends.

This, therefore, means that, if you wish to do something about the length of your orgasms, you must enhance your ejaculations. For the ejaculations to increase, you must target the semen volume. Semenax does this for you. Once you begin to release more semen, your orgasms will never be the same again.

Semenax contains powerful natural ingredients that target all the areas linked to high sperm production and ejaculation intensity. Some of these ingredients include;

I. Tribulus Terrestris – Besides increasing male libido, Tribulus Terrestris is used in products for enhancing semen volume. It targets the production of DHEA, which plays a critical role in sperm production.

II. Maca Root – For many centuries communities in Peru have used Maca root to improve semen volume, sperm motility, quality, as well as count. When it comes to sperm production, black maca (present in Semenax), is the best way to go.

III. Horny goat weed – A Chinese herb, Horny goat weed has been in use for many centuries to enhance semen volume as well as an aphrodisiac.

IV. Muira Puama – It works by ensuring that your erections are harder and lasts longer. This way, even when your semen volume has increased, the strength of your erection will not fail you during that critical moment.

V. Pumpkin Seed – They are used in Semenax to ensure that your prostate is working optimally, and in turn, ensure improved performance. Besides, what is the use of increasing semen volume, yet your overall bedroom performance is pathetic? It wouldn’t make sense.

Other ingredients present in Semenax include Avena sativa extract, Swedish flower, L-Carnitine and Vitamin E.


How soon can I see a positive outcome?

Going by the user reviews, you should begin seeing results within the first week of use. However, the manufacturer advises that you use it for at least three months to guarantee long term benefits.

How much does it cost?
A bottle of Semenax containing 120 pills is available at $59, not forgetting to mention that you can get it at discounted prices in some retail websites.

Are you still not convinced?

Would a money-back guarantee give you the confidence to try Semenax? Well, how about you buy it, use it for 60 straight days, and if it does not deliver the promise, you return the product to us and get your money back – less shipping and handling!

Sounds good? Well, stop wondering how to ejaculate more. Make your order today and start your journey towards stepping up those orgasms!

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